Leveraging multistakerholder forums to canvas ICANN issues

An experiment ICANN could institute is a programme that more actively and formally utilises multistakeholder governance forums with wider representation such as IGF, to consult on issues, that require more equitable multistakeholder participation to be resolved. This relationship could be formalised through setting of transparent agenda setting and consultation processes with clear lines of accountability on how the outcomes of consultations are implemented with ICANN structures.

Such collaboration could enhance the credibility of ICANN but also enhance the ability of both ICANN and IGF to more effectively serve their mandates. ICANN could also support the participation of historically underrepresented groups and the raising of awareness opportunities of participation within relevant communities of interest in such fora. Current issues that would lend themselves to such resolution would be those of domain name collisions and the location of regional registries (RIRs). Such an experiment could be instituted immediately through the piloting of proposed processes at forthcoming regional multistakeholder meetings of IGF.



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