Supercharged Outreach: Improve accessibility of ICANN issues

If ICANN is to become a broad-based multistakeholder organization, it must translate highly-technical issues for a variety of its stakeholders. In other words, ICANN needs a better strategy for making obtuse technical issues more accessible and actionable by the communities it wishes to engage.


My suggestion is to supercharge the outreach arm of ICANN. The effort would need to a) Identify target communities. b) Reach out to different communities, individually. c) Speak to them in their language, and help make important ICANN issues accessible and relevant to them. 


This would not be a quick or easy project, as it depends on people (or a department or group) who have an intimate understanding of ICANN. This group of specialists would need to translate the major issues and proceedings in an user-friendly and accessible way. For example, effort would need to be made to use fewer acronyms. New constituents and targeted communities would need to be walked through the most pressing issues; critically, this would need to be done specifically with their community in mind, in order that they might understand why the issue(s) are relevant to their group.


Further musings on the issue:


The most pressing issues at ICANN are almost entirely inaccessible to me, despite being a relatively well educated person who keeps up with technological developments.


Here are some questions I might ask: What are the leverage points for ensuring a single and connected internet? How can I get involved in advocating for an open and decentralized internet? How can I participate at a deeper level?


As a curious and intelligent user of the internet, I would love to understand these issues better and have a way to become involved with internet governance. Improved education and outreach is the path to a broadly-accessible and more participatory ICANN.

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